UPDATE: Its been a long time coming but for the first time since March 2020 i feel like the event will be good to go next year!.  With the success of other festivals locally... things are looking up for us!

I am very much looking forward to enjoying Forty Fest Part 2 with you all!!!

When: Friday 24th from 1pm until Sunday 26th June 2022 midday

I shall be starting to book entertainment, food and bands in the coming months!!! WATCH THIS SITE FOR UPDATES


The venue is going to be the same as last time but with a few improvements!

I know we definitely need more food stalls and more stewards doing the car park... Other than that it will be very similar, bands, kids entertainment, bouncy castles etc etc

As with last time I have used the ticket money to pay for the venue and essentials. I am now going to start booking the fun stuff! This is a Non profit making event and all proceeds are going back into the event.


If you find yourself no longer being able to make it, please contact me and with enough notice I will be able to give you a refund (minus a small processing fee).  If the event is within 3 months then I will only be able to refund you if there is someone willing to repurchase the ticket. 

Please note Wix take a Non refundable transaction fee out which I am not able to get back! Its 2.1% of the transaction amount + 0.20p. 

Please be aware that the weather is out of my control and I will be unable to provide any refunds for bad weather. The site has public liability insurance and I will take out insurance to cover situations such as the current Covid19 situation.  But the weather conditions will not be covered.  

Once the event has sold out I will start a waiting list for people to sell tickets if they can no longer make it.