• Bring your order number 

  • No Dogs allowed on site

  • No Glass allowed on site

  • No Gazebos pre-7pm Friday

  • No vehicles on campsite

  • Please do not leave your vehicles in the drop off zone, unload then move your car to make room for others arriving

  • Bring drinking water

  • Bring mug & water bottle

  • Bring Water Pistols

  • Bring kids swim stuff & wetsuits if you like

  • No fires in camping area, only in designated areas

  • Allowed on site from 1pm Friday until 12pm Sunday

  • First aid contact details Lucy 07490492455

  • No reserved areas for Group bookings

  • No electric for campers

  • Wellies are advised

  • Bring insect repellent - be aware of ticks!

  • Cards payments accepted for most hot food & bar but cash will be quicker.

  • Free Childrens wrist bands will be in the Tea/Coffee tent.

  • Lost children can go to Amelia's Rainbow tent / first aid tent

More information about the above is below...

Bring your ticket confirmation reference number When you purchased your ticket you will have received an email. You do not need to print the email (think of the environment…) but you do need to know the reference from it. There will be a steward on the gate/entrance with a list and will be crossing off by reference number!

No Dogs allowed on site Unfortunately No dogs are allowed on the Site; this is a requirement of the site and we need to abide by this rule.

No glass allowed on site If you decide to bring some drinks, please only bring plastic bottles and cans. As you can imagine glass can be a real pain literally. You can bring prosecco/wine bottles and spirits in glass, but these must be stored and kept INSIDE your tent and not taken out onto the field/grass/marquee area. Or you can decant your drinks into plastic bottles! There will be children running around bare foot everywhere and we don’t want anyone having any cut feet! There will be a reasonably priced bar onsite if you can't be bothered to bring your own, you run out or just fancy a nice cold one!!!

No Gazebos pre-7pm Friday There will be a lot of people on-site – To ensure that everyone can get a decent (and flat!) camping spot please can I ask that you are respectful when setting up camp and don’t circle off big areas for groups with a big unusable empty space in the middle. We are asking people to leave putting up gazebos until after everyone has had a chance to pitch and space permitting you can do what you like with gazebos etc after 7pm Friday.

You can camp anywhere except the taped off areas. Please be sensible and respectful of others. A site map will be sent out soon with all the camping areas marked on.

No vehicles on campsite No cars are permitted on the campsite at all.

Campervans & caravans are permitted – But you will need to purchase a separate ticket so I can monitor numbers, they are on a first come first served basis only. You will also need to be in the lower field as no vehicles are allowed up the hill. They are also required to stay put and not be moved about during the weekend – this is to protect our children from being run over and to stop grass being churned up… this is a wedding site too and they need the grass to stay nice. There will be some wheelbarrows to help you get your stuff up the hill – please ensure these are returned for other guests!

Please do not leave your vehicles in the drop off zone, unload then move your car to make room for others arriving Last year we had a big problem with people leaving their cars in the drop off zone and disappearing for hours... thus leaving no space for others arriving... please be considerate and move your car BEFORE going to set up camp and having a few beers... If you do have to leave your vehicle in a awkward place, please leave your phone number in the windscreen. Thank you

Bring drinking water

There is taps with mains water but as they have used their own pipes to get water across the site it is not recommended for drinking…. Its up to you if you drink it, I’m sure its fine but I can’t guarantee that…. I would suggest bringing some of your own. I will be providing some and the bar will have some for sale but when you wake up with a hangover, you’ll probably want some of your own water!

Bring mug & water bottle I will be providing free Tea & coffee and some drinking water (available until it runs out...). However, to keep our eco footprint as green as possible I will not be having any cups! So, to take advantage of these things you will need your own mug and drinking bottle.

Bring Water Pistols There will be a home-made water slide on site (basically a piece of REALLY big tarp on a hill) …. I MAY regret suggesting this, but we thought if kids bring their own water pistols, they can use them to keep the slide nice and wet! So please bring water pistols! Last year people brought wetsuits and this was a great idea... also stopped the grass burns! The slide will only be open on the Saturday and may be turned off intermittently to stop a pool of water collecting at the bottom…

Bring kids swim stuff The kids will also probably want swim stuff and towels for the above slide…. Naked sliding is permitted but not recommended!!!! Last year a few people brought wetsuits... this was GREAT idea!

No fires in camp area There will be a huge fire and logs provided in the main area. We are asking that people do not have fires in the camping area as the tents will be close together and we don’t want any accidents. All BBQ’s must be OFF the ground. As this is a wedding venue the site does not want burn marks on the field.

Allowed on site times You can arrive from 1pm on the Friday and everyone must be off site by 12pm Sunday. Nothing really starts at the site until after 6pm but the Pizza van will be cooking from 5pm. So, take your time setting up and enjoy the scenery and a beer whilst setting up! We are responsible for ensure the site is left clear. I have a £1000 deposit (double the amount of last years deposit...) which will be returned and given to the charity Amelia's Rainbow if we clear up after ourselves. I'd really appreciate any help with this before you go, if everyone does 10 mins it'll be a piece of cake.

First aid Contact details Lucy 07490492455 Lucy is the site Manager; I have recently paid for her to do some first aid training for this event. There will be a first aid tent with plasters and other basic stuff on site (ie insect bite & stinging nettle cream, antiseptic cream, insect repellent etc). I will ensure this is clearly labelled but Lucy will be available all weekend. The tent will be situated just outside the front door of the Marquee and will be easy to spot as its the Amelia’s rainbow charity promotion tent!!! Hopefully we won’t need anything more than a few plasters, but we are only 15 minutes from Poole hospital and there are various first aid trained people onsite if needs be!

Group bookings I have a festival to organise and 650 people coming on-site. Sadly, I am not able to reserve areas for groups. It would be a logistical nightmare & very time consuming to organise as there are no marked pitches there. Only people with bell tents will have reserved areas. People without Bell tents bookings please arrive promptly to get the area you want.

No electric for campers Unfortunately, as this is basically an event in a field, there is no electric hook up available for campers. There is electric available in the communal areas such as the Marquee, Tipi and tea/coffee area. There will be a place by the tea/coffee area where you can charge phones etc but entirely at your own risk as it will not be a secure place.

Wellies are advised.  Although the site has good drainage some parts get muddy.... Although all 3 previous years I've been fine in flip flops!!

Bring insect repellent There is also a lot of long grass/woodland areas on site, so there is a risk of ticks if you or your child are prone to exploring the undergrowth… I’d recommend insect repellent for both ticks and Mosquitos! There will be some in the first aid tent for those that forget but it won’t be enough for all 650 people!

Will the site stalls be taking card payments??? So, most of the hot food stalls and the bar will be taking card. However, its likely to be slow with the signal not being particularly strong. So, whilst you can pay on card, cash will be quicker!

Free Childrens wrist bands will be available free of charge. There will be pens and wristbands to write your phone number on to attach to your child. Then if they can't find you, they can ask any grown up to call you.

Lost Children The Amelia's Rainbow / First Aid tent will also double up as a meeting place for lost children! Please tell your children to go there if they can't find their parent. It will also be next to the bouncy castles! Or can ask any grown up to call their parent for them.

Washing up As this is basically a field and not a regular campsite, there are no washing up sinks. Therefore, if you want to washup, you will need to bring or borrow a washing up bowl and fill it up at a standard tap.